Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whew...What an April/May

Lets see:
In April we went to Dallas/Ft. Worth for Spring Break....
Logan's choice!
I told him he could go "anywhere" he wanted
he chose Dallas...
so off we went for a fun-filled week.
We were able to visit Six Flags, the Ft. Worth Zoo,
and many fun restaurants with shopping in between.
We are almost to the end of baseball season.....
three games left.
Our team (Tampa Bay Rays) is doing really well
Logan is enjoying himself.
He loves to bat but isn't much on playing in the outfield!!
Oh Well!
Logan's 1st grade year at Hudson PEP is coming to an end.
Field Day (Fun on the Farm) was yesterday.
It was so much fun!
I cannot believe that I am the mom of a (almost) 2nd grader.
We have enjoyed Hudson PEP
I'm thankful for the education he is receiving there.
He was tested for Gifted & Talented and made it!
I'm happy about this because he definitely needs the extra challenge!
All in all life is grand!
I couldn't be any prouder of Logan.
He is a blessing and after 7 1/2 years of loving him -
I am still amazed that I can't quit staring at him (he's so handsome),
I never tire of hearing his voice,
I still love the way his hand feels in mine,
I'm still incredulous as to why the Lord chose me to be his mom.
Life is Great and God is Good!