Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a Stalker....

Ok....Yes! I stalked my son the first day of school. I'm a mom and it's what we do! I have always picked Logan up from school (always...he's only in the 2nd grade!) but this year I decided I needed to work more which meant he could come to work with me or go to after-school care. HE chose after-school care which meant riding the bus. Huge "letting go" step for me - but after two days I have decided it was a good step. However, the first day was hard. I parked next door to OHBC and wedged myself in between two cars (so I wouldn't be discovered by Logan) and waited....and waited! I just HAD to make sure that he made it on the right bus and remembered to get off at the right place.

The white dot is Logan!!

Back to School

My Little Man is in SECOND!

Buds for Life

Alittle background on Colton & Logan -

They are "destined" to be friends!!
I have been friends with Colton's mom for 35 years
and Colton's dad for ~33 years!

What is even more ironic (for lack of a better word)
is that Colton and Logan are the EXACT same age difference
as Kim (Colton's mom) and me.

I took Colton & Logan for a day of fun on Friday.....
just what they needed for Back to School. We went bowling,
to the movies, and ate some yummy food!

I love these two boys!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now You See It ~ Now You Don't!!

Well, Logan lost his 3rd tooth today....
if you ask him, he will say I "accidentally" knocked it out!
That's not exactly what happened.
I was washing his face this morning and I suppose I got alittle rough....bam!
It's out now.
The toothfairy will be at our house tonight.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pine Cove 2009

It's with mixed emotions that I write about Logan's first camp experience.
Logan is far more confident and secure than I was at 7 years old
for that I am grateful.

He is spending this week at Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler
I'm assuming having a great time
(since I can't have any contact with him for the week)!
I have NEVER gone a day without atleast speaking to him.
My mom and I dropped him off on Sunday afternoon
we get to pick him up bright and early on Saturday morning -
I can't wait to see his sweet face!!

Logan's thoughts on going to camp was,
"I may not know anyone now but I will when I get there".
Wow! I'm blessed and thankful to have a child that is so secure with himself.

Isn't that exactly how we want our children to be?
Confident, secure, and indepedent?
I know, that he knows, that I am always with him - even when I'm not.