Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Visit from My Sister

We were able to meet my sister and family to eat one evening

before they headed to see Maud continue their winning streak in football.

Logan and I cherish all the time we are able to spend with them -

which is NEVER enough.

Skating at Hudson PEP


Wow! Time flies when you are having fun....or in school....whatever the case may be. I started the Halloween, Skating, Yellow Belt post awhile ago and just now finished it. My semester in school has come to a close, so I hope to catch up on lots of things in the next month.

Logan lost his second tooth two nights ago. He's not looking like a "little" boy anymore which makes my heart hurt. He's in his 3rd six weeks of school and doing very well. He's just a pleasure.

I'm missing Logan this week. I flew to Florida yesterday to be with Darin (well - in the evenings anyway)- Darin is attending a Homicide Class all week and I thought it would be fun to relax after finals!! Tuesday, as I was driving Lo to school, I was going over my day with him and told him that I hoped I didn't miss my plane. He asked what would happen if I did miss the plane and I told him I would have to come home. He stated that he "sure hoped I missed my plane"! My precious baby boy!