Friday, February 12, 2010

The Past Two Days

Snow 2010

What a fantastic day we had today.
It was breathtakingly beautiful..
Our electricity was off for 14 hours and I have to say I was getting a bit cranky (no heat/no coffee) but we survived. The first thing Logan wanted to do upon rising was play in the snow. I was a bit hesitant because once we got cold there wasn't a warm place to retreat to. Logan's begging finally got the best of out we went. I finally got smart and turned on my seat warmers in the car and that was MY retreat when I got too cold (Logan never got too cold...youth!)!
We made and ate snow ice cream for the first time,
Logan made his 1st snowangel,
we had our first snowball fight,
he jumped on a snow covered trampoline for the first time,
he now knows what "yellow snow" is,
and on and on and on.
Hopefully memories were made
because we sure had a lot of fun!