Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Past 20 Years

When word of my 20 year reunion began circulating, I began feeling (VERY) nervous and contemplated not going. I began to think back over the past 20 years and think about what I had accomplished or better yet - what I haven't accomplished. I haven't finished college (yet!.....almost! Or at least I see light at the end of the tunnel), I don't live in a big house, I don't drive a fancy car, I'm a single mom, and I could keep going. I knew that none of these were truly important and yet I was worried that my classmates would think they were. I AM a Cancer Survivor (16 years now), I AM able to provide for my precious son & myself, I DO have a job that I LOVE, I HAVE had the opportunity to go on mission trips and love on others, I have several TRUE friends, I was given THE greatest gift ever - Logan, and I LOVE the Lord more than ever. I would say that on the outside - my life may not look like a success - but on the inside....I'd say the past 20 years have been the best 20 years of my life!
The reunion was a success! I was so glad that I chose to go. It went so much better than I ever imagined. My nerves were gone almost immediately and my classmates were sincere, sweet, loving, accepting, funny, etc.......It was GREAT!
Jackson & Logan Wendy Fountain-Bean

Christy Greenville
Gilmer High School Class of 1990

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water Fight

I have to get Logan one of these tree swings....too fun! Logan & Zachary - Loading Up!

Climbing up the Fort for the Attack!

We had the honor of attending our dear friends birthday party over the weekend. It was a BLAST! The Hick's have THE best backyard and they know how to throw a child-friendly party!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch

Vacation Bible School
Colby, Carson, Grayson, & Logan

Some of my favorite memories, as a child growing up, was Vacation Bible School!
Calvary had VBS last week and it looked to me like all the children had a great time! Logan invited several friends and he was so happy that they could join him!
(I don't have pictures of 2 of the boys....I was only able to attend the first night.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday MawMaw!

Logan and I were blessed to spend my MawMaw's (Logan's Great GrandMawMaw)77th birthday with her over the weekend! I am so thankful that Logan has been able to meet 3 of his Great-Grandparent's! My MawMaw is my best-friend. She has always loved me just as I am....In my younger lovable years, the trying (and I do mean trying) teen years, my young adult life and now....she still loves me more than anything. Her love for Logan is also something of wonder! She loves him with all her heart and WE love her with all our heart too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End & A New Beginning....

My last day to drop my 2nd grader off at school.

Mrs. Dotty Smith & Logan
Thank you for a super 2nd grade year Mrs. Smith!

Our lives are filled with endings and with each ending comes a new beginning: Logan's 2nd grade year has ended and in a few short months he will begin a new chapter in his life titled - 3rd Grade. I can't believe the way time is flying by. The song - Don't Blink - says it all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Surprise Visitor

Logan was so excited to see the "bestest teacher in the whole world"! All of Ms. Young's kindergarteners, from PCC (except one), that now go to HPEP!
Addy, Ms. Young, & Logan
The Best Lunch of the Year!

Ms. Young - what an impression she made in Logan's life! She was Logan's kindergarten teacher and the "bestest kindergarten teacher ever" per Logan. I think it goes to show how much she loved her students when she took time, out of her day, to come and have lunch with Logan and me. Logan hadn't seen Ms. Young in quite sometime because she moved away:( Ms. Young and I planned the surprise a couple of days prior and it was SO hard for me to keep it a secret! Teachers DO make a difference! Thank you Ms. Young! We both love you!