Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm Back!

Gosh!  There has been a lot that has happened between December (the date of my last post) and today.  Today is my 9 month wedding anniversary.  In one way it seems so much longer and in other ways I cannot believe it has been nine months. 

I have finished my LAST (academic) semester at Stephen F. Austin, and I will student teach in the fall.  I am so excited!  Yesterday I found out 1/2 of my student teaching assignment, and I burst into tears.  It was not a pretty cry but a full fledge ugly-burst-of-unexpected-tears.  I could not be happier with my placement (3rd grade, Hudson PEP).  I still do not know where I will be the other half, but I do know it will be in Pre-K or Kinder.  I know the Lord will place me with the children I need the most and that need me.  No worries. 

Darin works all the time and helps coach Jackson's baseball team.  He is my encourager and rock.  I am blessed. 

Logan is finishing his fifth grade year and will be moving on to middle school.  He will be on the tennis "team", band, and hopes to participate in robotics next year.  It seems like he was just born yesterday.  Time truly does fly.  He is such a joy!  I have never gotten over the blessing of the Lord choosing me to be his mom.  I remain honored and humbled.

Jackson is finishing his sixth grade year and will be moving to junior high.  He is in the band and plays baseball.  Jackson will be attending band camp this year at (none other than) SFA!  He is beyond excited.  I have fond memories of majorette camp at SFA, and I've encourage him and told him how much fun he will have.

Life is finally slowing down.  I am looking forward to a "free" summer; the first in SIX years.  I am not taking any classes this summer, and I just want to enjoy my family.

I hope each of you are doing well.
Happy Saturday!

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